Can Make-Up Make You Sick?

lipfusion.pngI’m writing this post in the morning and while reading the paper, I ran across this article about cosmetics.  What I discovered is that they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and that the makers of these products provide the ingredients on a voluntary basis only.

The article by Natalie Ermann Russell in USA Weekend gave the following tips:

  • Look it up. The Environmental Working Group has a searchable database of 25,000 personal-care products at  It explains why some brands are unsafe.
  • Go fragrance-free.  Many synthetic chemicals in fragrances, like phthalates, aren’t required to be listed on labels.  Some studies have linked phthalates to reproductive problems and asthma or allergies.
  • Be picky with lipstick.  Malkan’s group [Campaign for Safe Cosmetics] found lead in 61% of lipsticks tested.  See a list at Safe .
  • Avoid parabens.  The FDA says these preservatives are safe in the amounts used in most cosmetics, but some studies say they raise breast-cancer risk.

I went to the site to look up the products I use and found that all of them have a “Moderate Risk”.  I encourage you to take a peek and report back what you found in relation to the products you use.


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3 responses to “Can Make-Up Make You Sick?

  1. Miss Norty

    At the end of the day, cosmetics aren’t natural are they? So it really doesn’t surprise me that they have all these side effects.

  2. Yikes, eh? Has anyone tried any “Organic” makeup?

  3. fluvial

    I’ve tried the ‘organic’ make up and it’s ok. The problem is..I’m clueless when it comes to what colors make me look good and I want to try them out before I buy. Having a pro help me out is another incentive for department store cosmetic shopping. So, for me, shopping at Whole Foods for cosmetics holds little appeal. I appease both the vain chick and the earth muffin within by using Aveda because as far as I know…they’re pretty good to the environment and keep unecessary junk out of their products (mostly). I could be wrong though…more research is needed before I can make a claim like that. 🙂

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