Apples & Pears Fashion Lesson #2

pear.jpgI will be starting a series of fashion lessons on body shape over the next several Friday’s.  This week, I will cover the Pear Shape.  A Pear Shape is sometimes defined as having a defined waist, curvy hips and rounded thighs. 

There can also be many variations.  Some women with a Pear Shape may have rounded shoulders and a smaller bust.  Consider that as the trade off for your amazing abs and tush!

When you have this shape, you want to be aware of a couple things.  Accentuate you assets and maintain proper proportion. First, you want to highlight  one of your biggest assets, your waistline. Wear belts, cinched dresses or jackets and even high waisted jeans.

Next, you want to make sure that you maintain proper proportion in your overall look.  We have all seen someone who is wearing a pair of painted on jeans or skirt that just makes their thighs look too big.  A prime example are the skinny jeans.  A big fashion trend, but not for Pear Shapes.  Another example for a Pear Shape don’t, are the high waisted tapered leg pants otherwise known as the “Mom Jeans”.


Opt for something that drapes from your thigh.  The wider the line horizontally, the more structured the material you need.  Here are some great examples of some flattering outfits for the Pear Shape.

 Outfit #1 (left) 

Here, I have an adorable jacket from Forever 21. This selection adds volume to the bust and the ruffled collar and sleeves adds dimension to the shoulder to camouflage a narrow shoulder.  It is also cinched at the waist to bring you in at your smallest point. 

The jeans are a trouser fit from the Gap.  This fit will create proper proportion with the wider cut.  The back pockets are flat.  As Pear Shaped gals know, you must be careful with back pockets.  A pocket with a flap will only add volume to an otherwise ample backside. 🙂 (I’m jealous, I am in the flat tush catergory)

Outfit #2 (right)

I have chosen a Boat Neck Sweater which will make your shoulders look wider with the horizontal line. There are also buttons on the shoulder of this sweater which adds to the effect. I have included a belt to cinch in the waist and the A line skirt will hide your thighs without adding bulk. It’s all in proportion.

I have added a pointy toe shoe to elongate the leg. If you have a thick ankle, be sure to avoid an ankle strap shoe.  You will only accentuate that area. 

I hope that this information is helpful. If you have a figure challenge that you would like me to write about, e-mail me at and I will include it in this series.  For more information on the items discussed in this post, please click on the Polyvore image.
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12 responses to “Apples & Pears Fashion Lesson #2

  1. Miss Norty

    I think I am this shape and it doesn’t help that I’m only 5’2″. I recently discovered that wearing shortish skirts and tighter fit tops is better than bigger items that swamp me. Knee length boots with same colour tights really help to elongate the leg.
    But it means I have to get working on those knobbly knees!

  2. indianrosefashionista

    Great post!

    The whole shape thing really confuses me 😦
    I’ve been told that i have a hour-glass shape, so where do i fit in?

    *confused* Indian Rose x

  3. Thanks for the future topics ladies. I will be sure to cover Petite and Hourglass figures after I cover Apple shapes next week.

    But to at least answer your question Indian Rose, you have the figure that many of us would like to have. 🙂 Some of the advice of the Pear Shape will apply to you, with a special emphasis on keeping your waistline defined. I’ll go into more detail when I do the Hourglass post. Thanks for the comments!!

  4. LucyAndTheBeasts

    Ahh, Fashion Sensei…I am looking forward to the petite segment as I am frustrated by the lack of modern, edgy clothing for we slightly less tall lasses. I need to punch up my look for both casual and work wear because I’m feeling (and looking like) an old lady! I also need to figure out how to be fashionable and yes, functional, in the Chicago cold. My jaunt to work is now about 25 minutes so fashion has gone out of the window. I see other people looking stylish so I have to figure something out. Hey, another thought on a segment – color selection. Given I’m so pale I’ve avoided black in the past but now embrace it. Any insight into what the very pale, dark haired ladies so consider colorwise would be great!

  5. LucyAndTheBeasts, thanks for visiting my blog. I will be sure to address your questions in two weeks when I cover the Petite woman. Please come back and visit again soon and keep warm!

    Meanwhile, I’ll keep my eye out for a fashionable snow suit for your 25 min walk, yikes! 🙂 I bet you are missing your old commute.

  6. jessssss

    just thought i’d say, that im a pear shape and wear skinny jeans all the time and people say i can get away with them cos i have slim legs, so i dont think you can judge just by granding everyone with big hips “a pear shape”, it really depends on the individual person. So pear shpae ladies may be missing out on something fanatastic!

  7. Sophie


    I get a little bamboozled by shape, because I’m never sure if I’m an hourglass or a pear. I think i fall somewhere between the middle. My boobs are not as big as the hourglass shape implies, I have a small waist, curvy hips and though my thighs aren’t huge their probably big comparitvely. However unlike my sister and my mother I have shoulders that whilst not hugely broad seem to roughly balance out my hips.

    Not sure exactly where I fit between the two shapes? Any advice on figuring which one I am or dealing with this in terms of shopping?

  8. Hi Sophie, thanks for the comment. Lucky for you, you have the elusive proportinate figure–In which case I hate you. No I’m just kidding. That just means that you have the ideal body shape, which I don’t write about very often, because few women have equal proportions.

    My suggestion while shopping is to always purchase something with a defined waist. Belts are so hot right now, you may want to buy a few. With your body shape, you could buy a wide or skinny one. You always want to show off the slender parts of your body, while bringing the other curvier parts in proportion. But because you are in proportion, you shouldn’t have a problem. Just look for apparel that is made well. Stay away from cheap material, fabric that puckers or doesn’t lay flat or seams with loose threads.

    Thanks for your question and I hope to see you back again soon!

  9. little miss stubborn

    hi fashion sensei(:

    i m an apple shape or inverted triangle, as sm call it:( n im indian so i naturally have a darker skin tone than others..n i noe tt apple shaped girls have to wear darker coloured tops bt if i m dark n i wear dark tops, wont i be camouflaged? lol((: n im a teen, 18 tis yr. as for the bottoms, i have read that it is better to wear wide-legged pants bt my cousin says wide-legged pants are more for working adults.. any advice?

  10. Hi Little Miss Stubborn, thanks for the visit and leaving a question. My first inclination when you told me that you have dark skin would be to wear color. Nothing looks better on coco skin than a pop of color. If you are looking to minimize a large bust, wear a supportive bra (if you haven’t been measured this year, go to a professional) that will keep the girls high and happy. I would also recommend a v-neck or scoop neck top. If you have a bigger tummy, look for tops with a little less structure to them–maybe a little flowy.

    As for the pants, wide-leg trousers are usually for pear or hourglass shapes. Unless you have big thighs, stick with straight leg jeans. My guess is you have thin legs and arms–show them off! 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  11. Martine

    Hi there. I am a pear shape. Mostly. My shoulders are square, but not wide, and my breasts are not small. My ribcage is. My bum gets larger, and thats why I think Im a pear rather then hourglass. I agree with many things you write, except for one. I just won’t wear bootcut jeans. Sometimes I will wear a wide leg. But I like skinny jeans. In my eyes, Bootcut jeans are mom jeans. I can not STAND them. I also like oversized mens jackets. I think I look OK. Are you certain we pears can’t loook good in skinny jeans or tights? My legs are pretty long and nice.

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