Fashion Lesson #1

Ok, so it’s Friday and I thought it was time for our first free glitter text and family website at  In this first lesson, we will be going over undergarments.  Depending on where you come from, the names vary: knickers, panties or draws (leave a comment of your favorite term) and the most important being the bra.

We’ve all see those women who are either not wearing one or have had their ill fitting bra for the past 10 years.  I am here to wrestle that old bra away from you and convince you that those girls need your support!  Don’t ignore those loveys or soon gravity will have them staring sullenly at the ground.

So here’s my advice.  Go to your nearest professional bra fitter and get fitted.  I don’t mean Victoria’s Secret.  They have never done an accurate fit in my experience.  Go to someone who is certified to get the job done.  Each make and line of bra has their own fit and a store owner knows her product.  She can get you to the right style that will have you looking like a 19 year old pin up girl again.

_5393947.jpgNext, don’t ignore the knickers.  Unless you have the body of a goddess you need to keep certain areas sucked in.  Spanx are always a perfect go to to keep everything neatly tucked away.  If Spanx are not in the budget and lets face it at $22 to $46 a pop, it’s an investment.  Look a little harder the next time you are out and take the time to make sure that your undergarments leave a nice shape.  No one likes to see your butt cheeks hanging out and muffin tops under your clothes.

Finally, if you are wearing a form fitting dress, you MUST buy Shape wear.  Here is an example from the Spanx site and Nordstrom‘s live pic of the same item.  The advantage of this particular body shaper is that it also lifts your backside, but does not create a “uni-butt” where your lovely lady lump is one big flattened silhouette.


Remember all lessons require comments, so let me know your best stories.  Have a great weekend! 🙂


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11 responses to “Fashion Lesson #1

  1. Air-E

    Hi,Sensei!Thank you for lecturing about ill fitting bra.
    It causes of the stiffness of the shoulders:(
    I used to wear $200 bra, which I was taught by my
    nearest professional bra fitter. It was good.
    But now, I always buy $20 or so. That’s are uncomfortable though. Some of my friends buy $200 bra:O!
    But they say the bra is very good for their bodies and comfortable. Do I need to spend money to get it????

  2. I think $200 for a bra is outrageous!!! Wear whatever is comfortable and is the correct size. Size being the most important thing.

    Check out this link for an new “Chopstick Bra”

  3. I swear, SPANX are the best invention for women’s behinds since the elliptical machine!!

    Here is a tip: if you can’t afford SPANX, go to Target. Sara Blakely, the creator of SPANX, did an exclusive line of products called (funny) ASSETS that are nearly the same thing for a lot less money:

    Great article! Thanks…

  4. Miss Norty

    The Queen gets hers from Rigby & Peller, which charge around $90 – if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for me! $200 – you’re kidding me girl!

  5. Calliope, I forgot all about this brand at Target. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Miss Norty, I haven’t heard of Rigby & Peller, thanks for passing it along. They certainly have some beautiful things.

    The Queen wears them you say? It brings a new meaning to Fancy Pants.

  6. Air-E

    Wow! I should get the Chopstick Bra!haha.
    I have some Triumph’s bra, it is called ” An Angel bra” in Japan.
    but I’ve never seen that chopstick bra at the shop:O!
    if i wear it to the office every day,I don’t need to get lunch box at Lunch time:D How nice!

  7. Well, I never knew that there were professional bra fitters out there. Yes yes I know. – nodds while you look at the post with shocked faces- lol.

    But I never thought I really needed a bra because my chi chi’s aren’t very well… big. Not small. c cup. But I wear a bra sometimes but I really really hate to wear one because of how uncomfortable they are so… yea ><.

    Maybe I need a new bra?

  8. DyaDya, yes it’s important to have a proper foundation. Wearing a bra now will slow down your “droop” as you get older.

    When you have a chance, go to your local department store or google “bra fitter” for your area. Most do not charge a fee to fit you. Even if you can’t afford what they offer, you can get the free advice and go to a place that is in your budget.

    Jan. was the month for the Semi-Annual Bra sales, so you may still find a few sales out there. That’s just when most of the industry puts their intimates on sale. They do it again in October. But individual stores have sales in throught the year.
    Good Luck and let us know how it works out. 🙂

  9. Jamie

    Hola, Senorita, too bad about the weather in Detroit. Lovely here in ye ol’ New England. ..balmy 40 degrees. well, this is much easier to post too. I could not figure out the other blog. TTFN, Jamie

  10. Bri

    I’ve got a set of double Ds, so I probably understand more than most how uncomfortable bras can be. I’ve tried so many types of bras and it’s frustrating, because I have a big cup size, but a thinner torso, and it’s so very hard to find a 36DD.
    Any suggestions for brands?

  11. ana

    I cam across your blog while searching for shapewear. I found this item online, it is a little pricey but looks like its a bit more than what spanx gives you. I wonder how it works.

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