Millionaire Matchmaker?

20080118_patti_320x240.jpgIf you have read the paper, seen the morning news programs or watch Bavo, you know tonight is the first episode of ‘Millionare Matchmaker‘.  This show follows Patti Stanger who started out her business with the Millionaire’s Club.  She specializes in “Hooking Up” men who are successful in their professional lives, but can’t seem to get it together in their personal lives.  Patti takes charge with a psychologist, image consultant, interior designer and more to help the bachelors get it together to impress that certain someone.

In tonight’s episode, she is presented with two men.  The first is a owner of an on-line “Adult Products” website and the other is Harold a 46 man who owns a 10-11 million dollar home that was built on a cliff.  A metaphor for his personal life?  We’ll see…

Millionaire Matchmaker airs tonight on Bravo at 11 



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6 responses to “Millionaire Matchmaker?

  1. Air-E

    It seems very interesting TV program.
    There are some similar club in Japan and we women can join for free by internet.
    I have a friend who wants to get married with the oil king of Arab:D
    I will tell her about the Millionaire’s Club.

  2. Miss Norty

    Very interesting! Are there weblinks so I can have a nosey? 😉
    We don’t have this in the UK *pouts*

  3. You bet, Miss Norty! Let me know what you think.

  4. whatmenthink

    I’m sorry. But this show is just a glorified escort service. Rich guys don’t need escort services or millionair matchmakers to get women. They need to be confident, intelligent, and respectful (both of themselves and women). If they approached winning a girl over in the same way the approached their business dealings, there would be no problem. It’s sad how a broke college student can hook up with a beautiful young lady, but a millionaire needs a service. I mean the money doesn’t hurt them at all! They are lacking in an entirely different area. Image consultants, psychologists, designers, etc. can help, but utlimately it has to come from within.


  5. Phoenix

    I rather enjoy this program, its entertaining! Patti is against ageism, which is totally refreshing, and attempts to match candidates based on mutual interests and appropriate age. Every once in a while a hard headed “peter pan” as she affectionately calls them slips through. The entertaining aspect is her motherly devotion to her clients and her comedic painfully truthful approach to shaping her members into attractive, datable, desirable, product.

  6. Hi Phoenix, thanks for the comment and for the visit! I agree with you. I can’t wait until she gets some guys who want to date women their own age. She was a fantastic interview–a really wonderful person to talk to and very entertaining. I can see why she has her own show!

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