I love this new J.Crew dress.  Florals were everywhere on the Spring Runways for this year and I think this is one that you could wear right now.Campo dress  If it’s chilly, wear a pair of tights and some flats and you’re good to go.



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8 responses to “J.Crew

  1. It’s a very cute dress. The colors on it are great too. I should go dress shopping… eventually. haha

  2. applesandpears

    Hooray dyadya! Thanks for being my first comment!!!!!

  3. tinzzle

    Hey! Sorry, I don’t know how, and I don’t think you can. I just know the people find your blogs through tags and such. 🙂 Hope you like it here in WP! nice entries.

  4. Air-E

    super cute dress!!
    We also have J.Crew shop in Japan.(6 shops around Tokyo)
    Hooray! I like this website!

  5. Air-E

    I told about this blog to one of my friends,Juri.
    And she says that the design and colors of top page is nice.
    She really like it.
    She wanted to post a comment, buy she can’t you know, so I am gonna wirte
    her comment insted of her:)

    She said the dress seems to be spring and nice.
    We used to have the J.Crew shop in Sendai, that was her favoritebrand.
    She still has a business suit, sweater, and shirts.

  6. Welcome Juri and thank you for looking at my site. I hope you come back again soon. 🙂

    Thanks for translating AirE 😀

  7. Karen

    Where do they sell J.Crew in Tokyo? Thanks.

  8. Hi Karen, thanks for checking out my site. I did some brief searching and it appears that J.Crew is only available by catalog in Japan.

    Here is a link on some FAQ’s and a second link to J.Crew in Japanese.



    I hope this helps.


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